Wide Receiver Contracts, How Much Is Too Much?

As free agency has begun in the NFL, the most absurd of contracts are being handed out to Wide Receivers. I have no problem with the Lions giving arguably the most dominant offensive player in the game Calvin Johnson a 7 year $132 million dollar contract extension. I also have no problem with Vincent Jackson getting a 5 year $55,555,555 million dollar contract. Both Johnson and Jackson have proven to be 2 of the best in the NFL and Johnson is one of the best ever. I have a major problem however with guys like Pierre Garcon getting a 5 year $42.5 million dollar contract, and Laurent Robinson getting 5 years $32.5 million dollar contract. Pierre Garcon’s NFL career consists of only breaking 700 yards 3 times and never breaking 1,000 yards in 4 years, and having a career high of 6 receiving TDs in a season. These numbers are not that of a player averaging over $8 million dollars a year. Laurent Robinson who before last season’s explosion never had more than 437 yards in a season and never more than 2 TDs in a season is now due to make over $6 million a year. The Jaguars are giving $32.5 million dollars to guy who basically has 5 good games in his entire 5 year career, what are these GMs thinking in the NFL? And when you grossly overpay players like Garcon and Robinson you screw up the market for years to come! NFL GMs will reap what they sow with these absolutely absurd contracts.


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